Pneumatic Depositors and Servo DepositorsBottom Line Process Technologies, Inc. offers precision pneumatic depositors and servo depositors, designed for a wide variety of laboratory applications and small scale production of gummies, hard candies, edibles, chocolate chips, and functional confections.

Both pneumatic and servo depositors can be customized and supplied with guarded indexing conveyors for molds, providing a practical, cost effective, semi-automated system for low volume production requirements.

When your project calls for accurate dosing of materials (metering out pieces of consistent confectionery masses) on a small scale, turn to BLT for solutions.


BLT pneumatic depositors operate with a compressed air connection to regulate delivery of the product through the depositor head.


Servo Depositors provide enhanced accuracy and minimal product loss when depositing viscous products. The touch screen control interface allows for storage of test parameters for convenient test repetition and modification.


Our chocolate and compound chip and drop depositors are ideal for product development and small scale artisan production.

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