Batch Bottle Pasteurizer and Batch Can PasteurizerMany products, such as beer, are filled into bottles, or cans, and pasteurized on a batch basis. Our stainless steel batch bottle pasteurizer is a temperature-controlled hot water spray unit, available in custom sizes, with capacities up to 100 twelve ounce cans or bottles.

The Batch Bottle Pasteurizer or Batch Can Pasteurizer consists of a holding vessel with one set of removable can or bottle racks, a hinged lid with spray nozzles, water pump, hot water heater and control panel. The operator can select spray water temperature up to 180°F / 82°C. Process time and cool-down temperature are also operator controlled. A PLC touch screen control panel is available as an option (standard control panel is shown). Data collection and PU control are available as optional functions of the PLC.