TPS2 Beverage Lab HTST Pasteurizer

Based on the standard HTST machine, the upgraded TPS2-200F includes a high pressure feed pump, a custom, insulated hold tube (length is customer-specified), and a product cooling coil with separate product temperature readout. The product cooling coil also features removable vessels with valving for water and product. The additional features of the TPS2 enable the user to process a wider range of products, while offering enhanced process control.

Optional Water Tank with Pump for Efficient Production of Chilled Water

If you require a source of chilled water for a product cooling coil, we offer a simple solution. Our 30 gallon stainless steel tank and circulation pump includes piping to and from the product cooler. Simply add city water and ice to the tank to create chilled water for the shell side of the product cooling coil.

Additional options for the TPS2 include custom hold tubes, product cooling coil (trim cooler, limitations apply based on pump capabilities), optional wattage heaters, in addition to various pump types and controller configurations. We can even design HTST units that fit into your laboratory cabinetry.


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