TPS1 Beverage Lab HTST Pasteurizer

Our standard Beverage Laboratory Hot Fill (HTST) Pasteurizer (TPS1-200F) features rates up to 1 liter per minute, and temperatures up to 205°F (96°C). The machine is all electric, plug and process. Operation is simple, with no special training, utilities, or mechanical support required.
The standard HTST Pasteurizer includes:
Bottle Filler Box For Safety
6 kW Hot Water Heater With Digital Controller
Variable Speed Product Pump
Digital Product Temperature Display
Water Container with Auto-Refill

Options include custom hold tubes, product cooling coil (trim cooler, limitations apply based on pump capabilities), optional wattage heaters, in addition to various pump types and controller configurations. We can even design HTST units that fit into your laboratory cabinetry.


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