Servo Depositors

Servo Depositors provide enhanced accuracy and minimal product loss when depositing viscous products. The touch screen control interface allows for storage of test parameters for convenient test repetition and modification. Die configurations for the servo depositors are flexible and interchangeable for a variety of products. Custom dies are available. Servo Depositors feature two individually-heated and temperature-controlled product hoppers and pump heads with independent servo operation. Custom models with three or more hoppers are also available (DEP-SV-2).

Control Features:
Desired rate to fill your candy or confection
Precise position controls
Independent product hopper controls, for you to easily co-deposit 2 or more products with different properties
Independent parameter controlled pumps, tailored to set the up-and-down speed, start-and-stop timing and stroke length
The ability to store recipes, letting you easily repeat tests

Standard Features:
All food-contact surfaces made of stainless steel and FDA approved materials
Touch screen operator interface, which stores up to 99 recipes
Hopper capacity: from .45 kg (1 pound) to Up to 3Kg (6.6 pounds) per product hopper (depending on product density)
Two product hoppers
Individual heat control for hoppers, heads, and die
System program screens with touch screen access
Piece sizes: 1 - 25 grams
Standard dies supplied include: center-filled, striped, and side by side
Floor model on casters

Optional Features:
Three or more hoppers
Custom piece sizes and pumps
Custom-fabricated dies
Air heater for hopper headspace
Model DEP-SV-CVY: Servo Depositor with guarded indexing conveyor for molds. Designed as a micro-production system for retail tests, clinical trials, and product verification.

Model DEP-SV-CVY is shown in pictures and video.


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