Pneumatic Depositors

BLT pneumatic depositors operate with a compressed air connection to regulate delivery of the product through the depositor head. The Pneumatic Depositor is ideal for creating small-batch, prototypes for recipe formulation process and process improvement testing.

BLT Pneumatic Depositors are available in these standard models:
Single hopper and pump head for 1 color or flavor (DEP-1).
Single hopper and pump head with upgraded controls, including manual/auto modes and on/off timing adjustments (DEP-1 Plus).
Standard Features.
All food contact surfaces are made of stainless steel and FDA approved materials.
Hopper capacity: from .45 kg (1 pound) to Up to 3Kg (6.6 pounds) per product hopper, depending on product density.
Digital heat control
Piece sizes: 1 - 25 grams
Optional Features.
Three or more hoppers
Custom frame to accommodate mold board, or track for molds.
Custom dies
Custom sizes and pumps
Air heater for hopper headspace

Table top models - DEP-1 and DEP-1 Plus
Floor model (with casters) - DEP-2X

Dies (DEP-2X)
Dies come as a standard with center-filled, striped, and side by side options.
Custom-fabricated dies are available to match your designs.

Model DEP-1 PLUS is shown in pictures and video.


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