LB Batch Cooker/Agitator (C4000Q17)

The Laboratory Batch (LB) Cooker is the larger version of the BLT Development Scale Cooker (C/A 16350). It is designed to process similar products in bigger batch sizes with a capacity of 3 to 10 pounds (1300 – 4500 grams) of product per batch.

The Cooker Vacuum Pump and Condenser System (VC24LB) guarantees vacuum up to 24 in. Hg.

The available Vacuum Lid with self-contained pump and condenser allows for simple, effective vacuum cooking with the Development Scale Cooker (A sink is required nearby when running the LB Cooker under vacuum).

The BLT LB Cooker excels at larger-capacity testing, allowing the operator to complete highly-efficient, precise cooking trials. Features of the LB Cooker include:

  • Large capacity heating system ― The LB Cooker uses a 4000 watt heating system.
  • No steam required; no scorched product to discard ― The heating system functions as effectively as steam, without the drawbacks of a steam system. The DS Cooker won’t scorch the product, as is often the case in stove-top cooking.
  • Excellent “batch-to-batch” consistency and reproducibility of test product ― You control the cook plate temperature and the agitation speed for each batch.
  • Extra capacity gives you extra product ― Produce client samples with a retainer sample for your lab


LB Cooker Agitator Specifications

76 cm x 53 cm x 81 cm high (30 in x 21 in x 32 in high)

Electrical Power. 
240/208 volts, 1 phase, 4000 watt, 25 amps

The BLT LB Cooker is a batch, electric cooker, hand-crafted at our plant in Largo, Florida, USA. The unit consists of:
Seventeen (17) Quart Processing Pot
4000 watt heating system.
Digital Cook Plate Control, Cook Temperature Alarm
Digital Temperature Readout.

Optional Features include Vacuum Lid and Vacuum System, and Custom Blade Types and Configurations.
The LB Cooker is an all-electric batch cooker, hand crafted in our plant in Largo, Florida, USA.
We would be pleased to demonstrate our Batch Cookers at our facility in Largo, FL USA.

Please Bottom Line Process Technologies at or +1-727-548-6484 for any questions you may have.

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