Development Scale DS Cooker

BLT’s Development Scale (DS) Cooker makes it easy for you to develop a wide variety of products on a laboratory scale.

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DS Cooker with Warming Plate

BLT’s Development Scale (DS) Cooker with Warming Plate includes the same features as the standard model DS, with the addition of a 500 watt warming plate to preheat ingredients.

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Large Batch
LB Cooker

The Laboratory Batch (LB) Cooker is the larger version of the BLT Development Scale Cooker (C/A 16350). It is designed to process similar products in bigger batch sizes with a capacity of 3 to 10 pounds (1300 – 4500 grams) of product per batch.

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Bench-top vacuum cookers for processing Heat Sensitive, Viscous Products, Confectionery, Fruit Preps, and Nutraceuticals.

Our intuitive Lab-Scale Vacuum Cookers are designed for consumer product companies, ingredient companies, and contract development
companies. BLT Bench Top Cooking Systems enable food technologists and application scientists to prepare R&D scale batches under
vacuum, effectively replicating production for accurate, repeatable product samples.

BLT Cookers are ideal for the development of:

  • Sugar Based Hard Candy
  • Hard Candy with Full Cream
  • Jellies with Temperature Sensitive Ingredients
  • Bakery Fillings with Dairy Components
  • Nutraceuticals with active ingredients
  • Sugar-Free Hard Candy
  • White Caramels
  • Caramels
  • Fruit Preps